Saturday, August 18, 2012

Definitely Feeling the Granny In Guerillagranny Today

Today seems to be a day to become one with my white haired self.  I got up today, giant mug of coffee in hand, dedicated to conquering the world of internet marketing.  The plan was to make my shop an internet sensation, and my cute little white haired self, everybody's favorite Guerillagranny.  At least that was the plan.

I started with this blog.  I re-arranged, added, removed, changed colors, widgeted, gadgeted, and just plain wore myself out trying to make it the snazziest blog online.  Well, I did manage to change the color, but I never did figure out how to widget.  In fact, I actually ended up with fewer than I started with.  Have no clue where they went!  The whole gadget thing is a complete mystery to me and after multiple attempt to gadget the snot out of the page, I ended up deciding that gadgets were seriously over rated, and I didn't really need them anyway.

I think what the problem is that my adorable white hair, along with the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing, and lastly menopause, has damaged too many brain cells and rendered me dependent on the younger generation to help figure out all this computer technology stuff.  What was really lacking was my four year old granddaughter showing me what to do.  Have you ever noticed how a two year old can sit down at the computer and navigate like an IT Technician.  Meanwhile, all of us white hairs just sit and stare at the screen like we have just seen something from the Twilight  Zone.

I can remember laughing at my mother-in-law as she stood in front of my microwave looking completely baffled.  Now I stare at the computer screen with that same expression on my cute face.  However, I am fiercely tenacious, so look out because I will never give up!  I will figure this thing out if it is the last thing I 

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